This is Record of Change.

A podcast documenting lives from across the globe by listening to them at several points in time

“It’s just another way of life, you cannot control it. You have to embrace the change.”

While the common narrative around the pandemic is one of social distancing, emphasizing the importance to isolate from other people, our podcast will focus on the under-reported flipside: we’re all in this together. Probably never before did societies and individuals around the globe have to react to a crisis that affects everyone.

This project picks up the uniqueness of this unprecedented situation and addresses the potentials of this common ground, beyond national or cultural borders.

Record of Change documents individual stories in Africa, Asia, Europe, South and North America. The podcast asks how they deal with the changes they have to face on essential levels: economically, emotionally, socially, ecologically.

Through the interviews listeners take a deep dive into the protagonists’ as well as the interviewers’ lives, looking at the before, during and after and documenting new developments over the span of several months as we revisit interviewees multiple times.

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