United States: Graduating into a Pandemic

A Gen Zer navigates the realities of graduating from high school during COVID-19. Despite the challenges and disappointments faced, McKenzie finds the courage to make big decisions and push for change amongst all of the uncertainty that surrounds her.

This episode was recorded on September 15, 2020.


McKenzie, Avon, Connecticut, USA

McKenzie is currently a Global Gap Year Fellow with UNC Chapel Hill's Campus Y. She is dedicating the year to continuing her work with social change and contributing to social justice efforts before attending UNC Chapel Hill in the fall of 2021. Outside of that work, she is most likely to be found on the beach or exploring new places.

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  • Prathap Nair (Associate Producer)
  • Matthias Jochmann (Post Production)
  • Stephanie Raible (Host, Producer)

An Huy Tran, Thomas Reintjes and Kecheng Fang also helped make this episode.