Bengaluru: Opening Up

The pandemic has made Alan appreciate the smaller things in life. He says mindfulness (of self and the environment) is the primary lesson for humanity. With online Masses and restrictions on gatherings, he's gearing up for a socially-distanced Christmas.

This episode was recorded on December 2, 2020.


Alan Rocha, Bengaluru, India

Alan lives in Bengaluru, India and works in Sales. Forced indoors by the pandemic, his work life has altered to suit the restrictions imposed by lockdown. He is mostly indoors with his dog and his cat and as a queer man isolated from his partner in the pandemic, he says his personal life has been affected.

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  • Thomas Reintjes (Post Production)
  • Prathap Nair (Host, Producer)

An Huy Tran, Matthias Jochmann, Kecheng Fang and Stephanie Raible also helped make this episode.