Bonus: Monday on the Couch

On April 26, the International Alumni Center in Berlin hosted our podcast team on their virtual couch.

Moderated by Taiwan-based journalist Carina Rother, we share stories of making a Record of Change: Which voices have touched us most in the process? What strategies of coping with the pandemic have we encountered? What did we learn, from and about this new world, both connected and fragmented by a global crisis? This Bonus-episode listens back and reflects on what has happened so far.

This episode was recorded on April 26, 2021.


  • An Huy Tran (Guest)
  • Matthias Jochmann (Guest, Post Production)
  • Carina J. Rother (Host)

Nimish Sawant, Stephanie Raible, Thomas Reintjes, Prathap Nair and Kecheng Fang also helped make this episode.