Season 2:
The Second Wave

Reconnecting with the interviewees from season 1, we learn how they prepare for the winter and the second wave of the pandemic.

Istanbul: I just want this to be over

Didem Tali returns with updates and talks about finishing up her book during the lockdown and finding a literary agent. She's not writing a pandemic book, she assures. more...

Hong Kong: Pause and Rediscover the Passion

Wenni was infected with Covid-19 and lost her business as an insurance agent, but she rediscovered her passion as a social worker who helps people with mental illness. more...

Cape Town: Corona Aesthetics and Theater

Mike shares how theater is shaped by the pandemic, how the South African scene is working on becoming less dependent on governmental subsidies and and how he envisions the twists international traveling might face in the long term future. more...

Ho Chi Minh City: Flying Through the Pandemic Summer

Aviation Captain Quang Dat Nguyen from Ho Chi Minh City shares in this episode the changes that the pandemic has brought to not only his career, but also his lifestyle and habits. more...

Athens: Waiting for Christmas

Even as he's optimistic about the second lockdown in Greece through November, Alkis shares his trepidation about the uncertainty looming around Christmas season. For now though, he's busy revamping his menu. more...

Season 1:
The first eight months

We meet our interviewees for the first time and learn how they experienced the beginning of the pandemic and how they have adjusted to the situation.