Season 3:
A New Year

During the holiday season, vaccines have become available in many countries, offering a glimmer of hope that 2021 will be better than 2020. We hear from some of our friends from previous seasons and also introduce a few new voices to the show.

London: Are You Having a Laugh?

With live standup comedy shows no longer being held and a more contagious COVID-19 variant spreading throughout his city and country, Aaron had to adjust to being at home and finding meaning and connection in other ways. more...

Istanbul: Embracing Imperfection

Didem says her hyperactive mind is like an angry Rottweiler ready to pounce on the next idea as if it were her prey. But she understands that unlike her, not everyone is able to write a book, shoot a documentary and develop an app during the pandemic. more...

Taipei: Glimpse into a Post-Covid Life

The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the daily life of Taiwanese people are barely visible. Carina J. Rother considers herself lucky to be in Taipei – her long-term home – during the pandemic, her family is in a much different situation in Germany. more...

Washington: From the Frontline

Transport engineer and shared mobility expert, Katherine Kortum found herself stuck in her DC apartment well beyond her comfort level. To reconnect with people and feel useful, she took an extreme leap--opting to become a frontline worker at a COVID-19 testing site. more...

Quito: A Positive Perspective

Blanca shares how she suddenly found herself teaching her students from home for more than a year. She stresses the positive momentum of the pandemic, giving an opportunity for social and environmental improvements in light of future challenges. more...

Hong Kong: Pandemic Easier than Politics

While Lunar New Year in China is always about large family gatherings, this time many had to celebrate it in their small families. Wenni and her husband Dominic also reflect on the political situation in Hong Kong and their decision to emigrate to Canada. more...

Gaza City: We Will Manage

Fidaa shares that those around her care very little about the virus now and what she personally has learned from this big challenge, especially after being infected herself. more...

Season 2:
The Second Wave

Reconnecting with the interviewees from season 1, we learn how they prepare for the winter and the second wave of the pandemic.

Season 1:
The first eight months

We meet our interviewees for the first time and learn how they experienced the beginning of the pandemic and how they have adjusted to the situation.