Season 4:
The Beginning of the End?

It took longer than anticipated to put an end to the pandemic. Record of Change extends its run beyond the originally planned three seasons. But as vaccines are starting to become available globally, there\'s hope that some normalcy will return to our lives.

Yaoundé: Pretending it's the Flu

Worried about earning a living wage, large groups of Cameroonians could not afford to socially distance or stay indoors for longer periods during lockdowns, according to Durance. more...

United States: Water Cooler Conversations

While it was intimidating to initially change her work plans for 2021, McKenzie made "lemonade out of lemons" and found a way to both connect to her hometown and explore a new place. more...

Cape Town: Protesting as a Way to Survive

Mike shares how solidarity is growing among historically divided cultural practitioners and also how they are confronting politicians in demanding a more transparent and just system of public subsidies. more...

Ho Chi Minh City: a Good Time to Travel (domestically)!

Vietnamese pilot Quang Dat Nguyen sheds light on how his industry has been adjusting to make it through the halt in international travels. In contrast to what the majority of the world is facing, it is now a good time to travel in Vietnam, he says. more...

London: Time is a Blur

Comedian Aaron Levene awaits his second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, he reports signs of a return to normalcy in his life, including getting haircuts and seeing loved ones. more...

Bonus: Monday on the Couch

On April 26, the International Alumni Center in Berlin hosted our podcast team on their virtual couch. more...

Santiago de Chile: Post-Dictatorship Politics and the Pandemic

Santiago based lawyer Joaquín says he almost went insane spending much time home alone in lockdown with his cats. He shares how the pandemic hit Chile and how the coronavirus has made the socioeconomic challenges even more evident. more...

Bonus: A Pandemic Wedding and Vaccine Blues

At the end of another season of the podcast, the Team gather to reflect and look forward and share our own stories of getting vaccinated (or not), making plans for the future and celebrating a wedding in a foreign country during the pandemic. more...

Season 3:
A New Year

During the holiday season, vaccines have become available in many countries, offering a glimmer of hope that 2021 will be better than 2020. We hear from some of our friends from previous seasons and also introduce a few new voices to the show.

Season 2:
The Second Wave

Reconnecting with the interviewees from season 1, we learn how they prepare for the winter and the second wave of the pandemic.

Season 1:
The first eight months

We meet our interviewees for the first time and learn how they experienced the beginning of the pandemic and how they have adjusted to the situation.