USA, Germany: Back to school! Why so silent?

Students missed many months going to school in person. How are they coping with meeting in person again? Two teachers from USA and Germany share what they learned about the students, their families and about things that are more important than grades.


Meredith S., United States

Meredith* is a high school teacher in the United States who recently switched schools and jobs due to the pressures caused by the pandemic. Despite the stress of her work during the past two years, she still finds the energy to prioritize her students.
*not her real name

Kirsten Ueberholz, Germany

Kirsten is a highschool teacher in Hamburg, Germany, with a focus on kids with special needs. She became a teacher to \"contribute to a better world\".


  • Stephanie Raible (Host, Producer)
  • Matthias Jochmann (Host, Post Production, Producer)

Nimish Sawant, An Huy Tran, Thomas Reintjes and Prathap Nair also helped make this episode.