Record of Change is a podcast created by a team of seven individuals from various backgrounds, united by the fact that we’re all alumni of Robert-Bosch Foundation programs and members of the Bosch Alumni Network.

An Huy Tran, Duisburg, Germany

Huy is a PhD Researcher in Migration Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Before falling into the trap of academia, Huy spent a total of five years working for a national television station in Vietnam as a presenter/ reporter/ editor. He is a food and dog enthusiast.

Carina J. Rother, Taipei, Taiwan

Carina is a German freelance journalist who has been living in Taipei for four and a half years. While her daily life is fortunately unaffected thanks to the good handling of the Pandemic by the Taiwanese government, Carina has experienced shifts in not only career trajectory but also perspectives on society, personal choice and sense of belonging.

Kecheng Fang, Hong Kong

Kecheng is an Assistant Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Matthias Jochmann, Bonn, Germany

Matthias is a radio enthusiast and recently became a father. He committed many years to performing arts and film, before working as cultural manager.

Nimish Sawant, Mumbai, India

Nimish is an independent technology journalist with over a decade of experience of tinkering with gadgets, covering Big Tech and startups. He loves reading, photography, listening to podcasts and is working hard on his culinary skills.

Prathap Nair, Frankfurt, Germany

Prathap is a freelance journalist based in Frankfurt, Germany. When not writing or researching, he can be found in his kitchen amid the clank of pots and pans, listening to a podcast.

Stephanie Raible, Delaware, USA

Stephanie is an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware and the Founder of Central Impact. She engages with the world as an educator, consultant, and writer.

Thomas Reintjes, New York City, USA

Thomas is an independent radio and podcast producer with a passion for documentaries at the intersection of science and society, nerdy audio tools - and pizza.


Alexander Rabe, Germany

Managing Director of eco, the association of the German internet industry


Annika Wegener, Switzerland

Annika Wegener is a sports scientist who now lives in Switzerland with Nala, her mixed race rescue dog she got at the beginning of the pandemic.

Beate Kaminski, Berlin, Germany

Beate Kaminski is a communication and media officer at Tierschutz Berlin, one of the biggest animal shelters in Europe.

Mary Glazier, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Mary is originally a South Carolina surfer who founded a surf instructing business, Gurferlady LLC, in West Palm Beach, FL during the pandemic. Formerly a Director of Hospitality & Sales of a retreat venue, she now uses this hospitality background to teach women from 5-70 years old how to surf! When the wave conditions are not ideal, she focuses on her art, which are mainly embroidery & collages. Her business Gurferlady not only provides surf lessons but community grill outs & mental health events as well.

Episode with Mary:

Nancy K. Schlossberg, United States

Nancy, a professor Emerita, Department of Counseling and Personnel Services, College of Education at the University of Maryland, was a tenured full professor for 27 years. She previously served on the faculties of Wayne State University, Howard University, and Pratt Institute. She was the first woman executive at the American Council of Education (ACE) where she established the Office of Women in Higher Education (1973). She has published ten books, with her most recent being Too Young to Be Old (American Psychological Association), which discusses the transitions we face as we age. Nancy has delivered more than 100 keynote addresses.

Episode with Nancy:

Sarah Jackson, Tokyo, Japan

Sarah is a freelance translator living in Tokyo with her husband and her good girl: Midna, a rescued mixed dog.

Sumaya Shaikh, India and Sweden

Neurobiologist and science fact-checker for Indian digital fact-checking site AltNews.


During seasons one through five, we revisited the stories of a set of interviewees a number of times. We are grateful for everyone who entrusted us with their stories:

Aaron Levene, London, United Kingdom

After spending six years working his way up as a UK stand-up comedian, Aaron had just begun to break into professional comedy clubs when the pandemic hit. As a newlywed with ADD, he is now seeking alternative ways to give his life meaning.

Episodes with Aaron:

Alan Rocha, Bengaluru, India

Alan lives in Bengaluru, India and works in Sales. Forced indoors by the pandemic, his work life has altered to suit the restrictions imposed by lockdown. He is mostly indoors with his dog and his cat and as a queer man isolated from his partner in the pandemic, he says his personal life has been affected.

Episodes with Alan:

Alkaios Michail, Athens, Greece

Alkis is an Athens based architect / urban designer turned hospitality entrepreneur. His organic vegan restaurant Winners Vgn opened recently in Athens just as the lockdown went into effect, throwing things into uncertain territory.

Episodes with Alkis:

Blanca Rivera, Quito, Ecuador

Blanca considers herself a non-paid ambassador of Ecuador and a multi-tasking professional. She's mother and a science school teacher motivating students to accomplish their educational & travel goals, learning how to serve our world with our talents. She's also a researcher on human security issues in Ecuador.

Episodes with Blanca:

Carina J. Rother, Taipei, Taiwan

Carina is a German freelance journalist who has been living in Taipei for four and a half years. While her daily life is fortunately unaffected thanks to the good handling of the Pandemic by the Taiwanese government, Carina has experienced shifts in not only career trajectory but also perspectives on society, personal choice and sense of belonging.

Episodes with Carina:

Didem Tali, Istanbul, Turkey

Didem is a multiple award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker and multimedia producer based in Istanbul. She is currently working on a novel.

Episodes with Didem:

Dominic, Hong Kong
Durance Tanekeu, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Durance is a healthcare professional who runs a clinic along with her husband in Cameroon's capital city of Yaoundé.

Episodes with Durance:

Fidaa Shurrab, Gaza

Fidaa is a projects and fundraising officer at Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza. She has worked with several NGOs in the strip, and is also a freelance translator and writer.

Episodes with Fidaa:

Joaquín Vásquez, Santiago de Chile

Joaquín is a Chilean lawyer, originally from Punta Arenas, close to the Strait of Magellan. Living in the country's capital Santiago for several years, famous for a big gap between poor and rich, he is very much following the societal and political discourses on social cohesion and the handling of Chile's past under a military dictatorship.

Episode with Joaquín:

Katherine Kortum, Washington, D.C., USA

Katherine is a transportation engineer with the National Academy of Sciences, advising Congress, the US Department of Transportation, and others on transportation policy. Much of her work, both in the United States and with the EU, has focused on transit, automated vehicles, and other forms of \"new\" mobility, such as Uber, Lyft, carsharing, bikesharing, and e-scooters. In 2020, she also began working with the DC Department of Health to lead public COVID-19 testing sites.

Episodes with Katherine:

McKenzie, Avon, Connecticut, USA

McKenzie is currently a Global Gap Year Fellow with UNC Chapel Hill's Campus Y. She is dedicating the year to continuing her work with social change and contributing to social justice efforts before attending UNC Chapel Hill in the fall of 2021. Outside of that work, she is most likely to be found on the beach or exploring new places.

Episodes with McKenzie:

Mike van Graan, South Africa

Mike is a South African playwright. He was appointed as an Advisor to the first Minister of Arts and Culture in post-apartheid South Africa, where he played an influential role in shaping cultural policies. Currently, he’s the project manager for the Sustaining Theatre and Dance (STAND) Foundation.

Episodes with Mike:

Quang Dat Nguyen, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dat Quang Nguyen is a 29 year old pilot. At 23 years old, he was known as the youngest aviation captain in Vietnam at that time. Apart from being a pilot, Dat is also a well-liked writer and travel blogger.

Episodes with Dat:

Reynaldo J. Casao, Manila, Philippines

Rey is a flight attendant at Philippines Airlines, who is based in Manila and has been flying on both domestic and international flights for three years. As very few flights were allowed during the lockdown in the Phillippines, Rey took on side jobs as a barista at a coffee shop and a disinfection officer.

Episode with Rey:

Wenni, Hong Kong

For seasons one through five, this podcast was supported by the International Alumni Center in Berlin, a Think & Do tank for alumni communities with social impact that was founded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung